The Little House, Written & Illustrated by Virginia Lee Burton

Through the use of machinima in Second Life,
I produced a video clip of the story, The Little House.

Questions to use with the story prior to viewing clip (machinima):
- How has where you live changed over the past few years?
- What do you think it was like 100 years ago?
- Where do you think the Little House lives?

During clip:
-How has the appearance of the house changed during the story?
-What do you notice about the different scenes in the story?
-Point out modes of transportation.
-Explain the types of moods/feelings and colors you notice during the clip -What do you think a horseless carriage is?
- Mid-point in the story: What do you think will happen to the Little House?

After viewing the clip:
- How were the different seasons represented in the story?
-Which season did the Little House observe the children going back to school?
-Why did the little house move back out into the country?
- How could the story have ended differently if the great-great-granddaughter never found the Little House?

-Make a timeline of the events that occur in the book.
-Focus on the sensory images created by the video clip and create your own illustrations of the different stages the house goes through.
-Have students create a story about the family who owned the little house (original and current). Think of the various lifestyles and carreers that each generation may have had.
- Write a atroy about your own family's history and how things have changed over time
- Make a powerpoint of old and newer pictures of a city of your choice. Include music for accompanying time periods. Present to class and note differences and similarities.